French coastline

A winter day at Étretat

On the north coast of France, there is a small but very famous village. Étretat is one of the most iconic place of France for one particular reason: its cliffs. At the edge between land and water, an impressive wall of white stone rises from the sea. This is a small part of a much bigger rock formation called the Alabaster Coast, and it extends over more than 140 km.

I have always been drawn to the coasts. There is something special about the ocean and the legends we associate with it. Like the mountains, the ocean has always been a dangerous place where only the most adventurous people dared to cross. By contrast, the coast is much quieter and offers the perfect place for millions of people to live.

A surfer paradise

Thanks to the two impressive cliffs that stand on each side of the village, the waves are getting stronger and stronger before crushing on the rocks. This offers the perfect play-groud for many surfers who want to catch the perfect wave. The water was very cold but the conditions was too good to miss the opportunity.

Blue hour above the sea

Back from a walk on the cliffs, it was time to go on the beach to enjoy the bleu hour.